Large Ensemble

In C, Terry Riley, 30-60'

Attica, Frederic Rzewski, 10’

Bismuth, Zachary Miller, 6’

Piru Bole, John Bergamo, 7’


Music for Pieces of Wood, Steve Reich
tuned claves, 11'


a silence, deafening, Zachary Miller
sound-types, white noise, 4'

The So-Called Laws of Nature, David Lang
woodblocks, tuned pipes, toms, tuned flowerpots, tuned teacups, etc. 32'

Living Room Music, John Cage
found percussion, 10'

Parallel, Brian Nozny
tuned pipes, ride cymbal, sus. cymbal, sleigh bells, tam-tam, 6.5'


Amores, John Cage
prepared piano, woodblocks, toms,
seedpod rattle, 10'

A Man with a Gun Lives Here, Steve Snowden
concert bass drum, 10'

Forever and Sunsmell, John Cage
vocalist, toms, china cymbal, 6'

Trio in a Rudimental Style, Joe Tompkins
3 snare drums, 3 bass drums, 3'

Old Voltage, Aaron Graham
vibraphone and found percussion, 10'


Fingerpainting in Black, Zachary Miller
shared bongos and woodblock, 5'

Merck's Tattoo, B. Michael Williams
riq (arabic tambourine) and drum set, 5'

Clapping Music, Steve Reich
clapping, 4'

Silence Must Be!, Thierry de Mey
conductor and percussion, 6'

Jubb Jannin, Yousif Sheronick
marimba/vibraphone and frame drum, 5’


Buttonwood, Evan Chapman
snare drum, 6'

Monkey Chant, Glenn Kotche
drum set and multi-percussion, 15’

New Year’s Day, Elliot Cole
vibraphone, 10’

World Percussion

Mbira music from Zimbabwe

West African Drum Ensemble